Welcome To Rushmore

This is a truly unique area in terms of historical landscape with a rich archaeological heritage and diversity of flora and fauna. Today, the Estate is involved in a variety of activities including farming, forestry, conservation, leisure and sporting pursuits.

Rushmore is contained within the Cranborne Chase, an ancient deer forest where King John came to hunt within which the "Chase Rights" applied from the Saxon period until 1828.
Visiting the Estate

Past & Present

Much of the present day character of the Estate was shaped by Lt General Pitt Rivers who inherited the Estate in 1880. He created a deer park and ornamental parkland where today the Rushmore Park Golf Club is located, and carried out a wide variety of landscape planting including what are now spectacular beech avenues and belts.

He went on to create the Larmer Tree Pleasure Gardens for the entertainment and enlightenment of the local people. The gardens contain a unique collection of buildings including a temple and theatre, a dell water garden, Nepalese buildings and an interesting collection of trees and shrubs.